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We started the business by selling Tomos parts and producing them in the yard of our house, our office was in the garage... Every day we worked and built our initially small business. In a very short time we started to hire additional workers. Year after year we have been expanding the warehouse capacity and therefore the number of employees. Today we have over 50 employees, and we deal with the sale and production of spare parts for motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters, gardening and woodworking tools. Our business is precisely in these two fields - the sale of motorcycle parts and equipment, and the sale of gardening and woodworking equipment and spare parts.




Over 1.000


10 countres


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Development since 1999


It all started with the enthusiasm of a two-wheeler admirer, our founder Igor Jovičić. Igor fell in love with motorbikes at an early age, like many youngsters, but he was faced with difficult and limited opportunities to maintain and service them, and was forced to visit shops and markets in the region in order to find a part that would suit him. In that period, Igor recognized the need for spare parts for Tomos mopeds and with the help of his father, a mechanical engineer, decided to make the first tools for the production of spare parts and to venture into entrepreneurial waters in 1999 in Kać.

2001 - the first retail store was opened After several years of production, in 2001, the first retail store was opened in Novi Sad, at Kisačka 52, where it still operates today. Two years later, in 2003, a wholesale store was opened in Kać, at the address where the production was also located. Ten years after its establishment, Moto Bike imported parts from Europe for the first time and year after year it has been expanding the offer of world-famous brands in the motorcycle world.

2009 - the first WEB shop was started

Moto Bike entered the online market in 2009 by opening of the first web shop. In 2011, we started investing in online marketing and in the growth of the web shop.

We grow every year


Expanded the range of devices and products. and now we have 30.000 parts.

We started our brand THORP and started selling next year. 

Warehouse expansion and business improvement.

The first WEB shop opened.

First retail store and wholesale in Kać opened.

Established the company.

In 2015, due to the expansion of the product range to several sales programs and the increase of the Warehouse space, as well as of the number of employees, Moto Bike moved to a new facility at the address Svetosavska 70a, in Kać. The warehouses are organized in several sectors, for easier finding and packaging of goods

2018-2019 was marked by creative innovations.

Given that we have been offering spare parts and equipment for gardening and woodworking for years, we came up with the idea of creating our own brand that will offer our customers quality devices. The challenge we set was not easy at all, but we did not give up. After a detailed examination of the devices that would represent our brand – THORP was created

The business and packaging processes themselves have been improved and modernized, In order to
pick goods, we use PDA devices which are connected to the entire electronic business system, the bookkeeping program and the online shop. Every year, the company visits world-famous motorcycle fairs
both in China and in Europe

Tomosijada MOTO-BIKE Kać TOMOS
Development since 1999


We are general importers for IPONE, LS2 and DID In 2011, MOTO-BIKE started importing IPONE oil, 100% high quality motorcycle oil, made in France. In that same year, MOTO-BIKE became the general importer of IPONE oil for the Republic of Serbia.

We began started importing LS2 motorcycle equipment in 2019, we started with helmets and today we are the general importer for the Republic of Serbia and we have their entire range in stock. We also successfully cooperate with the following brands:




Reduce losses, increase productivity
These results would not be possible without constant improvement of knowledge and systems. Our company is trying to reduce costs to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary steps, grouping tasks and thus achieving more with less time spent. Knowledge of Kaizen, Lean and 5S systems helped us a lot in this.

Technologies that we use

We use one of the most modern ERP systems, “Navigator”. It represents a comprehensive business platform, respecting the clients’ needs for speed, reliability and security in the first place. Business Navigator users manage business processes more efficiently and effectivel thanks to the integration of modules and the
developed reporting system, which effectively presents the information needed to direct business activities.

We also use a WMS system that is integrated with the ERP system and the WEB Shop. It is an efficient application for monitoring processes and records in warehouses. The three main goals of this tool are to send an order to the
warehouse, save warehouse workers’ time when receiving and issuing goods, and minimize errors when issuing goods.


Details available with Every Demo

When over 20 years’ experience and knowledge are combined with ERP and WMS systems and with constant investment in the warehouse and warehouse capacities, we get a serious partner for all our suppliers and customers.




We import from: China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Spain, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey..




We export to: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece,Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, USA...

We send over 700 packages a day throughout the country and region. With the help of modern technology, our systems have the ability to do detailed market analysis, sales analysis, customer analysis. All this is monitored by our marketing team that follows trends both in the country and in the world. We serve over 1,500 stores and service providers in Serbia.