Ever since Tomos Moped has been on a path of becoming a legend more and more people are turning toward restoration of their bellowed Tomos Mopeds. Moreover, since Tomos Moped is a part of our history, many people wish to revive their youthful spirit and past times through restoring their Tomos mopeds. We recognised this trend and increased demand in the market of missing spare parts for Tomos Moped. This is why we thrive to constantly expand our offer. Other brands that are vastly represented in our palette of products are: Meteor Piston pistons, Dellorto carburettors, CKR pistons, OMG taps, Sanren cylinders, CZ chains, Caber links, and Trayal tires.

Growing popularity of 50cc Scooters started around 15 years ago, only to become the most popular mean of transportation in urban areas. With the expansion of global market, new models and technologies have been introduced and have to follow them. Our wish is to meet the needs of our customers and enable them with quality servicing of their two wheeled pets, that is why our offer of spare parts expands annually. Currently we offer Mallosi tuning parts, RMS spare parts for all types of scooters, Unibat batteries, Ariete fork rubber diameter, fork dast seal, handle grips as well as Dellorto carburetors. 

Every motorcycle enthusiast dreams about having secure and safe motorcycle while they enjoy the ride, as well as we do, that is why we included in our vast offer renown brands with highest safety certificates produced from quality materials. We thrive to constantly enlist new products and add them to our vast offer. In Serbia market we are representatives and distributors of following reputable brands: DENSO spark plugs, TRW tiles, HIFLO filters, ARIETE fork rubber diameter, fork dast seal, handle grips, VICMA mirrors, ATHENA gaskets and Unibat batteries.

Quads or ATVs are transportation vehicles and/or working machines that recently started to develop in the global market. Constantly discovering new and better ways of use for these machines in everyday life & work, consenquently the need for maintenance increases daily as well. We follow global trends and believe that these vehicles will be more and more represented in our market due to their vast application, in work, forestry and agriculture, as well as recreational ride.   

Spare parts for landscaping equipment is extensively represented in our offer. Considering that maintenance of green areas and landscaping requires quality equipment, parts that we provide and represent in our offer are solely from reputable manufacturers with known background. We offer parts for grass trimmers, mowers or lawnmowers, as well as tractors used in landscaping. Most popular products from our offer are trimmer nylons, head  of trimmer, mower knives, oil and spare parts.

Parts that are used for servicing forestry tools and machines have to secure high quality, safety and endurance in a workplace of every logger. Safety is imperative in this market because any careless handling can lead to serious injuries. Parts can not be of low quality or from noname suppliers and that is why we in our online and retail stores provide only parts from reputable, renown and well known producers, such as: Oregon chains, Trilink chains, E&S swords, Vallorbe files, Meteor Piston pistons, Hemogum shock absorbers, Walbro, Zama and Tillotson carburettors, De Errick membrane and Denso spark plugs.

People that enjoy spending time on a water have a need for outboard motors. In our region that market isn’t developed enough which makes search for the spare parts difficult and exhausting. Due to vast number of producers and engine models in the market we are not able to provide such a vast palette of spare parts. Central position in our offer of spare parts for outboard motors is for Tomos outboard motors. Unfortunately due to strict EU laws and regulations on air pollution Tomos outboard motors are slowly disappearing from our market.

Mini bikes, pocket bikes or more known as children’s bikes emerged in regional market about ten years ago. We recognised increasing demand for the spare parts in that segment of the market. In our offer we have parts that are necessary for service and maintenance of all children’s bikes. Naturally, one should always make sure that child driving or steering the bike always wears helmet because children’s safety is the most important.

In our opinion, this is especially important segment because the driver’s safety comes first. Products that we offer in our stores are carefully selected based on positive references of the supplier and by accredited institutions for safety and material inspection. We focused on building the offer of helmets that comply with strict safety requirements and have all certificates including homologation. Every driver likes to have helmet that is attractive, modern, unique and stands out, LS2 brand that is represented in our products offer fulfills all those requirements and more.

Which mechanic can work without quality tools? Goal of each auto repair shop is to successfully remove every malfunction and replace malfunctioning parts. In our offer you can find vast number of specialised and dedicated tools for the replacement of spare parts for most of the standard manufacturers. Some of most popular specialised tools are for mounting of semitrailers, variants, clutches, crankshafts, bearings in the engine, various radapcigers for assembly and disassembly. Additionally we will mention cleansers and engine maintenance, parts, plastics, breaking fluids etc. that can be found in our stores.

Everyone wants to design their own motorcycle. In order for our customers to do so we made an extra effort to secure extensive assortment of styling parts. Styling parts are custom and adapted to contribute to unique visual effect. What can you find in our store? Handlebar different widths, height, length, mirrors for every taste, sports air filters, stickers, personalized handles  and different accessories for embellishing the motorcycle.  

For years, the market has been introduced to the quality of the IPONE range of products. Product are from the factory that produces and develops oils, cosmetics, maintenance and cleaning products exclusively for motorcycles. They think of them self as moto-maniacs, which means that they are passionate enthusiasts in motorcycles, with that in mind they continuously develop products that satisfy ever more demanding needs of the market. We are glad that our customers have recognised IPONE as product without competition in maintenance of their two wheeled pets and equipment.

Due to noticed gap in the offer of spare parts for Tomos mopeds in the market, in the year 1999 we started production with at first modest product palette. On one hand, due to many years of experience and experienced team, our production processes are constantly improved, with the application of new technologies that enable and expedite the production. While on the other hand, they provide precision and exactness in production of the parts. Nowadays, after 20 years from the beginning, we are manufacturing more than 300 products from different selling palettes (mopeds, forestry, landscaping). In our manufacturing offer we have most spare parts for Tomos mopeds. Increasing popularity for restored old Tomos mopeds over the past few years motivated us to constantly expand our offer and by doing so to try to keep alive all those models that we all loved and drove in youth.