When over 20 years of experience and knowledge are combined with ERP and WMS systems and with constant investment in the warehouse and warehouse capacities, you get a serious partner for all your products and services.


Communication with customers, shipping the next day, safe packaging, 3 different courir services.​


B2B & B2C

We send over 700 packages a day throughout the country and region. We serve over 1,500 stores and service providers in Serbia.​



We use a WMS system that is interggrated with the ERP system and the WEB Shop.Speed, reliability and security.​


Web shop & Franshise

We decided to improve our online business and create franchises that will be directly connected to our system and warehouse.



Our company is trying to reduce costs to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary steps, thus achieving more with less time spent.


Marketing & Social network

We take care of our brands, spread knowledge about them and their products. All our clients get branding for their stores.​

Our Leading moto brands

We are general binders for LS2, BS battery, Ipone, DID...
For all the brands for which we are general importers, we do marketing, we create social networks and web site in order to build the brand...


LS2 helmets

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Ipone oil

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BS battery

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The others

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LS2 Helmets and equipment

For motorcycle equipment, we single out the ls2 brand, wich offers helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and boots. We do complete marketing od this brand, from photographing the equipment to shooting and promotion.

The three main methods of production are as follows:
- Polycarbonate injected in a mix of ABS utilizing an exclusive process developed by our researchers named HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin). This high precision industrial process utilizes moulds sculpted from blocks of metal weighing several 100 kilos.
- Composite bers, combined with polymer resin which provide high abrasion resistance and are very dicult to penetrate.
- Carbon Fiber in multiple layers are also mixed with polymer resin. This procedure involves a process where the molds must be able to resist temperatures in excess of 120 C.

Ipone oil and cosmetics

The IPONE lubricant factory was founded in 1985 in France, relying on the unique motto “100% products for engines”. Year after year, the company is growing, adapting and developing in accordance with the needs of consumers, and very quickly became the market leader in less than 10 years of existence. The IPONE brand was created in response to every customer request and is competent to meet all types of riding, from everyday, through hobby riding, to racing motorcycles and ATVs. IPONE is rapidly expanding its range, so its offer includes, among other things, products for recreational vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and jet scooters. IPONE today has more than 1500 dealers in France and over 40 distributors on 5 continents.

THE RED BULL MOTOGP ROOKIES CUPIPONE and Red Bull joined forces to establish the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in 2012 - a championship that is a stepping stone for the most talented young riders to participate in MotoGP

BS Battery

BS BATTERY, the first manufacturer offering the complete line of powersport Factory Activated batteries, under “SLA” product name. With more than 400 battery types covering a wide range of powersport applications, its 6 subsidiaries around the world and its 5 production basis, BS BATTERY has become within a few years, one of the largest and most innovative powersport battery manufacturer, present in both OEM and OES fields


We specialize in the sale of spare parts.

In our assortment we also have consumables, chains, sprockets, air and oil filters, spark plugs and much more...




Moto parts


Years of experience

Get to know our brands

Moto parts brands

From year to year we increase the number of brands and associates both on the territory of our country and abroad

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We follow trends and new technologies, we do brand marketing ourselves and build their name.