When over 20 years of experience and knowledge are combined with ERP and WMS systems and with constant investment in the warehouse and warehouse capacities, you get a serious partner for all your products and services.


Communication with customers, shipping the next day, safe packaging, 3 different courir services.​


B2B & B2C

We send over 700 packages a day throughout the country and region. We serve over 1,500 stores and service providers in Serbia.​



We use a WMS system that is interggrated with the ERP system and the WEB Shop.Speed, reliability and security.​


Web shop & Franshise

We decided to improve our online business and create franchises that will be directly connected to our system and warehouse.



Our company is trying to reduce costs to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary steps, thus achieving more with less time spent.


Marketing & Social network

We take care of our brands, spread knowledge about them and their products. All our clients get branding for their stores.​

Our brand THORP​

We are general binders for LS2, BS battery, Ipone, DID... For all the brands for which we are general importers, we do marketing, we create social networks and web site in order to build the brand... ​

3 year warranty

Extended warranty for all Thorp devices, anyone who registers at www.thorp.rs gets a 3-year warranty.


Successful resolution of complaints

We resolve all complaints within 24 hours.


Network of service providers and sellers

Network of service providers and authorized dealers for Thorp devices.


Spare parts warehouse

Branded consumables under the Thorp brand.

Thorp history

In 2020 we gathered all our long-standing experience and knowledge in one place and created our brand THORP, which covers devices, consumables and spare parts in the field of gardening and woodworking. Already that same year, we started selling the first THORP devices, namely the TH46PS mower and the TH520 trimmer. These two devices performed excellently and customer impressions were encouraging, so the THCS520A chainsaw appeared on the market very quickly. Additional information about devices can be found on our website www.thorp.rs

A great year for Thorp

A great year of growth for THORP - At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we started expanding the brand by introducing new
devices such as motor tillers, mist dust, water pumps, hedge trimmer, and a range of spare parts, oils and lubricants.

We are most proud of our network of service providers and dealers, which is spread across the country. The moto story as the heart of our business has not been neglected. In parallel with the development of the THORP brand, we have continued to listen to the needs and demands of motorcycle enthusiasts, and over the time we have enriched our offer with items that lacked on the market.

we care about our customers


In order to keep the customer, we must provide him with a complete service. And what does that mean? This means that we must always be there for our customers, we must solve every problem and always oblige them. That is why we have developed a competent service:

- COMPLAINTS - We successfully resolve all complaints within two days.
- SUPPORT - web shop support, support when buying devices, support for repairmen.
- BRANDING - We brand our customers’ premises.
- IMAGE BASE - We offer the entire image base and all the material needed for advertising on the web.
- TRAINING - We regularly conduct training for our employees and associates.
- PRESENTATION - Every year we hold a presentation where we present the plan for the following year.
- FIELD - We have formed a team of sales representatives who throughout the year collect feedback and do additional training of our B2B customers.

Thorp assortiment

Every year we increase the range of devices, spare parts, consumables, oils and lubricants.

Visit us on the web shop and follow us on social networks

We follow trends and new technologies, we do brand marketing ourselves and build their name.