Founded in 1899 following the merger of the family businesses Borloz & Noguet-Borloz, Glardon & Co and Grobet SA, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe boasts over one hundred years of expertise. High-quality precision tools are manufactured in the heart of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. Vallorbe files and precision tools are sold in more than 80 countries via a network of close to 300 distributors. They cover a large number of applications for a wide variety of trades such as jewellers, watchmakers, woodcutters, blacksmiths and precision engineers. The reputation of our Vallorbe products is based on exceptional technical expertise, which has largely been gained through the development of their own production tools.As a world leader in precision files and files for sharpening chainsaws, they are constantly striving to find new solutions to meet the needs of the users.With innovation as Vallorbe guiding principle they are able to continuously develop new products. Their products are designed for professionals as well as passionate amateurs who want top quality, high-performance and durable tools.


Always Ahead is a motto that paid of to factory LS2 Helmets. LS2 is a Spanish Company that started working in year 19999 and is present for more than 20 years in protective helmets industry. Sustainable and fast growth resulted with production of over 3.000.000 helmets per year, what makes LS2 fastest developed brand in the industry of protective helmets. This success was achieved only through love and passion for work that they do and dedication of their employees and partners. Of Course none of this wouldn’t be possible without loyal customers and supporters. At the headquarters of the company in Barcelona are developed and designed all LS2 collections, and they are sold in more than 86 countries worldwide.


Unibat is part of Italian company Samauto which distributes batteries in European market for last 29 years. Company was founded in year 1984 as main distributor of batteries for Central and South Italy. Samauto started selling batteries for motorcycles in year 1994 and become huge success in domestic as well as foreign markets. In year 2005 was sold more than 1.5 million batteries for motorcycles. Since the year 2005 UniBat supplies with batteries renowned companies such as: Benelli, Beta, Husqvarna, Ducati & Malaguti. Main goal of UniBat company is to use their batteries as initial installation in all motorcycles produced in Italy. Unibat batteries are ideal for motorcycles, scooters, motor slades, as well as ATVs. Unibat is a battery of high performances, vibration resistant and has a longer working period than others, which makes him most reliable battery in the market. Before you start using Unibat battery it is necessary to properly form it, as well as to control electrolytes level and if needed to add distilled water in order to prolong life of a battery. Features: Special design that is adapted to all vehicles; Vibration resistance; Special plates and thin separators which provide 30% more strength than standard battery; Increased output energy; High performances of the batteries.


D.I.D motorcycle chains have established a reputation as the No.1 motorcycle chain in the world for high reliability and historical performance of „D.I.D“. Since motorcycle drive chains will be used under the most rigorous conditions, the ultimate technologies provide resistance to wear, durability against fatigue, and quiet operation. D.I.D motorcycle chains are trusted and highly rated-that’s why our chains are used in major motorcycle races, such as Moto GP, World Endurance Championship, Motocross, and the Paris-Dakar Rally.”We take pride in our motorcycle drive chains which are Keenly sought by motorcycle manufacturers all over the world.”

Meteor Piston

METEOR PISTON is specialized since 1952 in the production of aluminum alloyed pistons for internal combustion engines of a wide range of applications. METEOR PISTON produces die cast pistons for Motorcycles and Scooters, OFF-ROAD Motorcycles and ATV, Dirt bikes, Power and big bore kits, Go-karts, Gardening & Forestry engines, Agricultural engines, Compressors, Amateur and Professional small flying engines (paraglider, mini-helicopters), Outboard engines.Moreover, they produce Aluminum Cylinders with Nikasil® plating, for 2-strokes and 4-strokes engines as well.


Vicma is a Spanish Company with over 70 years tradition, known for its production of original side mirrors and distribution of motorcycles parts. Vicma joined French company Bihr, one of the largest distributor of spare parts and equipment for motorcycles in Europe. Industrias Vicma S.A. was founded in Totana, Spain. Vicma has warehouse facilities with more than 50.000 products in stock, which along with extremely organised stocking system, allows fulfillment of orders in 24h. Products are being delivered across Europe to: Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, and other European Countries.  


From carburetors and injection systems to electronic control units. Dellorto is today a totally integrated company that has been able to affirms itself both at national and international level thanks to its values, high professionalism and expertise that made Dellorto products unique in the world of the two and four wheels. The company was founded in 1933 in Seregno and after three generations it is still owned by Dell’Orto family.  Modernity and its purest sporty spirit can be also found in the presence of the company in sports competition such as the MotoGP since 2012. On February 2018 has been signed a joint venture agreement with Varroc in order to reinforce the Dellorto presence on the Indian market.


For over 70 years, our company has been responding to the needs of motorcyclists from all over the world by providing high quality rubber and plastic products. The family nature of our managerial staff, now in its third generation, continues with the same passion and determination as the founder, Sandro Mentasti, who in 1947 conceived the idea of designing and manufacturing high quality motorcycle accessories and spare parts for motorcyclists.The high quality in Ariete is achieved by global research programs with a focus on high quality raw materials processed using sophisticated, environmentally friendly production technologies in accordance with our Sandro Mentasti Environmental Protection Program.Together with our passionate and dedicated expert partners who have gained experience in the company in its 70 years. This enables Ariete to provide global markets with high-end products designed, manufactured, tested and certified that are able to fully satisfy the most demanding motorcyclist whether they are in an urban environment, on a racetrack, or on the most gruelling off-road dirt track.


Denso is a Japanese company that is at the very top of world automotive and bike industry when it comes to spark plugs, and it was founded back in year 1949. Regarding bike sector, producers such as: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki use DENSO spark plugs in the very first installation of their machines. IRIDIUM POWER – technology of negative electrode U-groove and positive electrode Iridium 0.4mm is a unique patent of DENSO producer and that is what differentiates DENSO spark plugs from the competition. This technology of spark plugs productions enables better starting, better combustion, steadier work, decreases fuel consumption and produces less pollution. On its own Iridium has its advantages over other materials for its durability. Iridium alloy has a high melting point with hogh resistance to stressing. These spark plugs accumulate less heat, remove the heat very quickly, and have great ability for starting the mixture.


E&S Group is a global manufacturer of saw chain, guide bars and chainsaw accessories. Their products are used daily in the forestry, lawn and garden, farm and agriculture markets around the world. E&S was founded in 2003 with only 10 employees. We now employ nearly 500 people across the globe. Our current distribution reaches 35 countries and we are consistently looking for additional partners to expand the reach of our products. E&S goal is nothing less than to become the global standard for quality:”Today we make the best saw chain products in China. Tomorrow we will make the best saw chain products in the world.”As a company, they understand that our success will be determined by our reputation. As a result, all of their products are manufactured to exacting quality control standards. This deep commitment to quality through innovation, and the application of technology, is what sets E&S apart from other manufacturers. E&S products hold numerous quality and production certifications such as ISO9001, UL, CE, RoHS and Reach. Production facilities are currently located in Hangzhou, Wuhu, Qisen and Leisheng, China. With over 95,000 square meters (1,000,000 square feet) of production space, E&S produces over 2,000,000 guide bars, 800,000 sprockets and 200,000 rolls of saw chain each year. Current production capacity will continue to increase and subsidiaries have been incorporated in both Europe and United States.


Founded in 1973 Athena is a group of 7 companies which produce gaskets, technical articles and metallic components for the industrial and motorcycle sectors.They all operate according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality standards. Over the last few years Athena has set up its Aftermarket Division which operates exclusively in the motorcycle sector and produces gaskets, thermic units and spare parts for each make and model all over the world. Athena is market leader in the preparation of gasket kits for the repair of mopeds, motorcycles, jetski, outboards and Harley Davidson offering the most complete range in the world. Besides gaskets, Athena offers also oil seals and fork oil seals of original type, bearings and AP Racing brake pads. Athena is the only company in the world which produces thermic units for scooters, mopeds and motorcycles and sells them on the original spare parts and track competition markets. A young professional team, up-to-date measuring instruments and control equipment together with technology and bench testing are the elements that grant quality, innovation, performance, competitiveness and reliability on each Athena product, all of this to best satisfy our customer’s expectations.


RMS is a state of the art company distributing parts and accessories for bicycles and scooters on the Italian and European scene, offering a full selection intended for manufacturers and retailers in both sectors. With a roofed area of more than 24,000 square meters dedicated to storage of the materials, handling, loading and unloading of more than 400 containers per year, available in the news location in Seregno (MB), the RMS logistical facilities are top notch, able to operate with precision and speed to respond to the requests of all RMS customers in Italy and abroad.RMS has the best products currently available on the market, thanks to the constant activity of research and development to keep in step with the latest technological discoveries in the bicycle and scooter accessories and parts sector, while maintaining top quality standards.The currently existing alliances cover every need in the sector, and involve top names in the manufacturing of OEM and after market components for bicycles and motorcycles: KENDA tires, KMC chains, CHAMPION spare parts, DAYCO Belts, UFI FILTERS and many others just as important.


Hiflofiltro — the world’s first TÜV approved oil filter. Engineered to extreme quality standards, Hiflofiltro is the complete range of oil and air filters for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and watercraft, providing the ultimate level of protection for your engine. Why Hiflo? Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

PRODUCTION: The Hiflofiltro-Thai Yang Kitpaisan factory was founded in 1955 and has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963. With the experience of more than four decades, continuous research and development and modern production facilities, they manufacture some of the best quality filters in the world.

DISTRIBUTION: Comprehensive stocks are always kept at the Hiflofiltro distribution centres in London – UK and Atlanta – USA, ready for immediate delivery. With an international network of leading distributors in over 70 countries worldwide, Hiflofiltro offers you a superior quality product and service that can only be envied but never surpassed.

MATERIALS: To achieve our quality aims and to ensure the consistency of our products, we use only premium materials from well known manufacturers: steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, glue from Henkel Germany, filter paper from Ahlstrom Filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA and Awa Paper Japan.

QUALITY CONTROL: Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory. The whole manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials, individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TÜV SÜD.

AVAILABILITY: Hiflofiltro is the most extensive filter range in the aftermarket. There are applications for almost every motorcycle, scooter, and ATV that uses an oil filter. With more than two million filters in stock and ready for delivery at any given time, supply is never a problem.


IPONE, “the combat oil Made in France”, founded in the sunny south of France in 1985 has for unique philosophy and desire : “being 100% motorcycle”. IPONE is an innovative company which has been able to adapt and develop itself in order to become the market leader in less than 10 years. IPONE was born to respond to every need, from everyday use through to hobbies and racing for motorcycles and recreational vehicles. IPONE products benefit from a top-of-the-range image thanks to their quality, which has made them so renowned on both the French market and at an international level.A wide range of maintenance and care products specifically for motorcycles complements IPONE’s range of lubricants. From Clean R Polish, the perfect cleaner for motorcycles, to Sand Chain spray, they have everything you need to take care of your machines.IPONE is rapidly expanding its range to include recreational vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skis. Nowdays IPONE has a network of 1500 distributors in France as well as 40 distributors on 5 continents.Driven by a love for performance, the boldness that they share and the will to push forward, IPONE and Red Bull joined forces for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in 2012, a springboard into MotoGP reserved for only the most talented young riders.

JT Sprockets

JT Sprockets is the world’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket sprockets, constantly raising the industry’s standards for quality and service. Committed to supplying the most durable, best quality sprocket available in the marketplace worldwide. This is why they produce and sell more sprockets than all the other aftermarket brands combined.JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials.Aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy for lightweight competition sprockets, SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and they are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets. The JT Sprockets factory is the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment. The essence of a high quality sprocket is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining, JT ensures maximum durability and performance. Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the production facility has achieved the highest European quality standards. Exceptionally large stocks are always kept at the JT distribution centres in London – UK and Atlanta – USA, ready for immediate delivery. With an international network of leading distributors in over 70 countries worldwide, JT Sprockets offers you a superior quality product and service. JT designs and produces over 18 million sprockets a year for all makes and models of motorcycles and ATVs. The current range is now over 2,500 types of steel or aluminium alloy sprocket, and many items combine two or more different fittings into one sprocket.


KYOTO is a brand of quality spare parts that are being imported by Sifam Group. Besides disc plates, Kyoto also produces starters, ignition coil, spark wires, oil and air filters, con rod bearings, as well as, brake discs. Products of company D.E. Errick are being shipped daily by land and air transport to 30 countries worldwide.  


Malossi S.p.A. is Italian producer of transformation kits for mopeds and scooters. Company was founded by Armando Malossi in year 1930. At the beginning company specialised in tuning Dell’Orto carburetors for mopeds. Moreover, Malossi produces cylinders and variators, for racing bikes as well as for city cruising. Malossi at the moment produces two lines of products, The Malossi and MHR (Malossi Hyper Racing) parts that are used solely for racing bikes.


DG Company was founded in France year 1935. NOX is the the first brand line of helmets produced by DG Company. NOX helmets with its 15 models provides high performances, comfort and safety. Besides the helmets in their offer can be found spare parts such as glass mechanisms & wind shields.  


Blount International, Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts, equipment, and accessories for the chain saws. Leader in production and distribution of high quality saw chains, bars and sprockets, as well as extremely durable and reliable high-quality attachments and implements, log splitters. OREGON is world renown brand of company Blount Inc. which is marketed in more than 110 countries worldwide.


TriLink Saw Chain begain operations in America, headquartered in Atlanta, in 2005. Now with officies in various U.S. cities, South America, Europe, and Asia, TriLink is proudly distributed in over 42 countries around the world. TriLink has built a reputation on providing the best quality, value, and service in the industry.  TriLink manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 9001-2000. This certification gives our customers the confidence that they are buying from a company that is committed to providing quality products and services.


The TRW brand is part of ZF Aftermarket, leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products. The parts manufacturer TRW Automotive is the global market leader in automotive safety. TRWmoto is the company’s division specialising in motorcycles, scooters, ATVs/quad bikes and trikes. From its base in Neuwied, Germany, TRWmoto supplies motorcycle spare parts and accessories worldwide under the legendary TRW-Lucas brand.Before the Lucas brand’s impressive success story in the spare parts market began, the company was already active as an OE supplier of electrical and brake components for almost all European motorcycle manufacturers. Lucas was taken over by TRW Automotive in 1999.For many years, TRWmoto has been successful thanks to its extremely comprehensive range, maximum safety and quality, and absolute loyalty to specialist retailers. The warehouses in Neuwied and Überherrn make up the European aftermarket and sales centre, more than 32,000 m2 and with 55,000 pallet spaces.In addition to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (environmental management), TRW also has ISO/TS 16949 certification, the latest quality standard for the international automotive industry.To achieve maximum quality and therefore safety, every individual product must pass additional tests based on internal guidelines before it gets to market.

Made in USA

The D. E. Errick Corporation was established in 1973 and since that time has earned a world-wide reputation for excellent quality and service to the outdoor power equipment industry.  They principally manufacture carburetor kits and fuel system components for small 2 & 4-cycle, air-cooled engines. With regular shipping via ground and air freight to approximately 30 different countries worldwide. 


Sifam Group was founded in May 1994. and become a Group in year 2000. In order to increase its market share and  maintain Company growth by expansion to European market and opening subsidiaries. Today Sifam Group Holding Company (MHB), which manages the whole company, including 4 subsidiaries Sifam France, Sifam Italia, Sifam Spain and Moto Sifam Switzerland. Sifam Group is leading distributor of parts in French and European market. Through its subsidiaries and importers you can find their parts in 24 countries, such as: Germany, Portugal, Poland, Malta, as well as in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan and in some African countries. Some of the brands that Sifam Group distributes are: Athena, Bosch, Champion, Dunlop, Esjot, Fabbri, Gates, Izumi, Kyoto, S-Line, Sifam, V-Max and many more. Since the year 2007 launched its own line of helmets & moto equipment under the brand S-Line.